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  1. Corporate Profile
    • Anteo Diagnostics is an Australian publicly traded company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) under the ticker ADO.

    • Anteo has developed a proprietary surface coating product called Mix&Go which has broad applicability in diagnostics and in the life sciences industries. Mix&Go enables a researcher to attach a fragile biomolecule such as a protein to a surface without causing damage. This characteristics makes it possible to develop better diagnostic tests, faster and cheaper than possible with conventional methods.

    • Anteo licenses its Mix&Go product to companies who incorporate it into a broad range of tests, called “bioassays” or “assays”. They benefit because their tests show superior performance while reducing cost of goods.

    • Mix&Go has substantial additional opportunities in areas such as medical devices and drug delivery as well as in applications in other industries such as Resources and Cleantech which Anteo Dx can either pursue itself or license to other companies.

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BoardRoom Limited

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